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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Albert Einstein

My facilitation style is to have ‘conscious conversations’ with teams/groups to find creative ways of achieving the stated outcomes.  Conscious conversations start with the value that everyone contributes to the conversation bringing into awareness the reality of where we are starting (how we show up matters) and the vision of where you want to get to (our vision matters).  This may include getting curious about how the personal, professional come together to influence the social impact. 


These conversations bring greater awareness to how the group is ‘thinking’ about the challenges they face which can often reveal where the solutions might lie.  Conscious conversations recognise the importance of feelings and understand the importance of making those feelings explicit especially where they may be getting in the way of productive thinking.


How does it work?

We start with a conscious conversation (usually with the CEO or Senior Leader) where we will discuss your team/organisation’s needs, the challenges, and how a facilitated conversation might support your objectives.  Together we will design and plan a group process and decide how to bring the team together – this might be face-to-face or in virtual space.

As the facilitator I will be responsible for supporting the team to create a brave space where creative thinking can take place. I will guide the group process, and keep the team conversations flowing in the direction of achieving the agreed outcomes.  We will agree a system for recording the outcomes.

"The workshop was more than I expected. A fantastic use of a day with lots of food for thought, tools and strategies to use. Pat is a great trainer. The workshop has a good pace and I wish I could do it again"

Helen, Early Education Adviser

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