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"Thinking for yourself is still a radical act."

Nancy Kline

I am passionate about coaching because I have witnessed the changes it has made for people in their personal and professional lives. I believe wholeheartedly in the intelligence, creativity, and wisdom of the client and therefore their ability to generate solutions to tackle the problems that they are facing.  


It makes my spine tingle to think that I am able to support people’s ability to tap into that internal creative wisdom.  I work predominantly (but not exclusively) with leaders of organisations and with their teams.

The most successful organisations hire coaches.  Why?

Because they say it works! According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 64% of organisations use external coaches of which 92% found it to be effective or very effective (CIPD,2005).


How does it work?

We will begin with an informal ‘coaching chemistry’ conversation about the challenges you are facing and what coaching might offer. This conversation allows us to consider how we might work together and if we are a ‘good fit’ – there are no obligations to go ahead if it does not feel right for you. If we agree to work together, we will discuss what is best for you and the work begins…


The coaching programme typically consists of 4-6 sessions, once a month virtually (or at an agreed venue). You decide on the agenda, so you are always guaranteed to work on the issues most important to you.

​“I saw a definite change in the difference coaching made. There is a balanced thought process in place that supports most of my decision-making. Less doubt more self-belief. My coaching experience was very positive. And that was as a result of Pat’s professionalism, approach and support.

Coaching gave me the space and time to think and be clear, about my goals and desired outcomes, then helped me to develop my own tools to achieve them!”

Verna, Regional Services Manager

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